Assessment Test

1. The following line appears in your X server’s mouse configuration area. What can you conclude?

Option      "Protocol" "PS/2"

A. The mouse is connected to the PS/2 hardware mouse port.

B. The mouse uses the PS/2 software communication standard.

C. The computer is an ancient IBM PS/2 system.

D. The mouse was designed for use with IBM’s OS/2.

E. A slash (/) is invalid in a protocol name, so the mouse won’t work.

2. How can you tell whether your system is using inetd or xinetd as a super server? (Select two.)

A. Type ps ax | grep inetd, and examine the output for signs of inetd or xinetd.

B. Type superserver to see a report on which super server is running.

C. Look for the /etc/inetd.conf file or /etc/xinetd.d subdirectory, which are ...

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