Chapter 2

The Open Systems Interconnection Specifications

The Following CompTIA Network+ Exam Objectives Are Covered in This Chapter:

  • 1.1 Compare the layers of the OSI and TCP/IP models.
    • OSI model:
  • Layer 1 – Physical
  • Layer 2 – Data Link
  • Layer 3 – Network
  • Layer 4 – Transport
  • Layer 5 – Session
  • Layer 6 – Presentation
  • Layer 7 – Application

In this chapter, I’ll dissect the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model and describe each part to you in detail because you need a solid foundation on which to build your networking knowledge. The OSI model has seven hierarchical layers that were developed to enable different networks to communicate reliably between disparate systems.

Because this book is centering upon all things Network+, it’s crucial ...

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