Chapter 7

IP Addressing

The Following CompTIA Network+ Exam Objectives Are Covered in This Chapter:

  • 1.3 Explain the purpose and properties of IP addressing.
    • Classes of addresses
  • A, B, C, and D
  • Public vs. Private
  • Classless (CIDR)
  • IPv4 vs. IPv6 (formatting)
  • MAC address format
  • Multicast vs. unicast vs. broadcast

One of the most important topics in any discussion of TCP/IP is IP addressing. An IP address is a numeric identifier assigned to each machine on an IP network. It designates the specific location of a device on the network.

An IP address is a software address, not a hardware address—the latter is hard-coded on a network interface card (NIC) and used for finding hosts on a local network. IP addressing was designed to allow hosts ...

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