Assessment Test

  1. What is the basic purpose of a local area network (LAN)?
    1. To interconnect networks in several different buildings
    2. To connect one or more computers together so they can share resources
    3. To interconnect two to 10 routers
    4. To make routers unnecessary
  2. You need a topology that is easy to troubleshoot and scalable. Which would you use?
    1. Bus
    2. Star
    3. Mesh
    4. Ring
  3. IP resides at which layer of the OSI model?
    1. Application
    2. Data Link
    3. Network
    4. Physical
  4. Layer 2 of the OSI model is named __________.
    1. Application layer
    2. Network layer
    3. Transport layer
    4. Data Link layer
  5. Which RG rating of coax is used for cable modems?
    1. RG-59
    2. RG-58
    3. RG-6
    4. RG-8
  6. Which UTP wiring uses four twisted wire pairs (eight wires) and is rated for 250MHz?
    1. Category 3 UTP
    2. Category 5 STP
    3. Category ...

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