Review questions

  1. What is the lowest layer of the OSI reference model does a switch operate?
  2. What layer of the ISO does a router operate?
  3. Which layer of the OSI Reference Model does a VLAN operate?
  4. On which layer of the OSI Reference Model does a Web Application Firewall work?
  5. What is the purpose of a Web Application Firewall and where is it normally placed?
  6. What is the default setting for a firewall?
  7. What is implicit deny and which two devices does it affect?
  8. If traffic is not arriving at my VLAN, what should I do?
  9. Which port type is connection-orientated and why?
  10. Which type of port would I use for streaming video?
  11. What is the firewall that does content filtering, URL filtering, and malware inspection?
  12. Which network device connects two networks ...

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