Review questions

  1. What type of certificate does CA have?
  2. If I am going to use a CA internally, what type of CA should I use?
  3. If I want to carry out b2b activity with third-party companies or sell products on the web, what type of CA should I use?
  4. Why would I make my CA offline when not in use?
  5. Who builds the CA or intermediary authorities?
  6. Who signs the X509 certificates?
  7. What can I use to prevent my CA being compromised and fraudulent certificates being issued?
  8. If two entities want to set up a cross certification, what must they set up first?
  9. What type of trust model does PGP use?
  10. How can I tell if my certificate is valid?
  11. If the CRL is going slow, what should I implement?
  12. Explain certificate stapling/OCSP stapling?
  13. What is the process of ...

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