Review questions

  1. What type of BIOS needs to be implemented if we want an operating system to be able to secure boot?
  2. When a Windows 10 operating systems secure boots, what checks does it carry out relating to drivers?
  3. What type of trust model is being used if we use Full Disk Encryption?
  4. If my laptop is going to use Full Disk Encryption, what type of chip do I need to have installed on the motherboard?
  5. Why would you need to vet your supply chain?
  6. Where does EMI come from and how can it affect your computer systems?
  7. What is the difference between EMI and EMP?
  8. What can a company install to reduce the threat of EMP?
  9. What is the purpose of a Kiosk?
  10. Describe a trusted operating system.
  1. Name two mobile operating systems and where they are used. ...

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