Review questions

  1. What is the purpose of MDM?
  2. What is BYOD?
  3. What two policies need to be agreed upon before BYOD is implemented?
  4. How do BYOD and CYOD differ, and what are the benefits of CYOD to a company?
  5. Name three types of mobile device connection methods.
  6. What is used when we make a contactless payment using our debit card?
  7. Which services allows your mobile device to be notified when an email message arrives in your inbox?
  8. What two measures should I take to secure my mobile device?
  9. What will prevent my laptop from being stolen when I am in a meeting with my boss?
  10. What can I do to protect the data at rest on my mobile device?
  11. What can I implement if I want to keep my personal data and pictures separate from my corporate data on my smartphone? ...

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