Answers and explanations

  1. Because you have parted with money, this is a subtle form of ransomware.
  2. An example of crypto-malware is ransomware where the victim's hard drive is encrypted and held to ransom.
  3. A worm replicates itself and can use either ports 4444 or 5000.
  4. A Trojan inserts a .dll into either the SysWOW64 or System 32 folder.
  5. A remote access Trojan is a Trojan that sends the user's username and password to an external source so that they can create a remote session.
  6. A rootkit virus attacks the root in windows it is the /system 32 folder or in Linux it is the /usr/bin/ directory.
  7. A logic bomb virus is triggered off by an event; for example, the Fourth of July logic bomb would activate when the date on the computer was July 4.

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