Answers and explanations

  1. An incident response plan is written for a particular incident and lays out how it should be tackled and the key personnel required.
  2. The different categories of incidents are as follows:
    • Unauthorized access
    • Loss of computers or data
    • Loss of availability
    • Malware attack
    • DDoS attack
    • Power failure
    • Natural disasters such as floods, tornados, hurricanes, and fires
    • Cyber security incidents
  3. The different roles required to deal with an incident are as follows:
    • Incident response manager—a top level manager takes charge
    • Security analyst—technical support to the incident
    • IT auditor—check that the company is compliant
    • Risk analyst—evaluates all aspects of risk
    • HR—sometime employees are involved in the incident
    • Legal— gives ...

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