Review questions

  1. In a cloud environment, what is elasticity?
  2. In which cloud environment would I install the software and then have to update the patches?
  3. Which cloud model is Office 365?
  4. What is the major benefit of using a public cloud?
  5. What is a cloud single-tenant model?
  6. What is a cloud multitenant model?
  7. Describe how a community cloud operates.
  8. What are the limitations imposed on a CSP regarding data storage?
  9. Who is responsible for the disaster recovery of hardware in a cloud environment?
  10. What is a cloud access security broker (CASB)?
  11. What model is it if you own the premises and all of the IT infrastructure resides there?
  12. What is a hybrid cloud model?
  13. What is distributive allocation?
  14. What type of model deals with identity management? ...

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