Review questions

  1. If I install a freeware program that analyses my computer and then it finds 40,000 exploits and asks me to purchase the full version, what type of attack is this?
  2. What is crypto-malware?
  3. What type of virus replicates itself and uses either ports 4444 or 5000?
  4. What type of virus inserts a .dll into either the SysWOW64 or System 32 folder?
  5. What is a RAT?
  6. What type of virus attacks the windows/system 32 folder on Windows, or the bin/ and /usr/bin/ on Linux
  7. How does a logic bomb virus work?
  8. What is the purpose of a keylogger?
  9. What is a botnet?
  10. Explain a phishing attack.
  11. How does spear phishing differ from a phishing attack?
  12. What is a whaling attack?
  13. What type of attack it is if I leave a voicemail?
  14. What is social engineering ...

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