Practical exercise – is the cloud cost-effective?

In this exercise, you are going to go to Amazon Web Services, which provides a calculator to see how much you could save by moving your infrastructure into the cloud. The instructions are accurate at the time of printing, but you may need to use them as a guideline if Amazon changes its website.

Search Google for: Amazon Web Services, pricing. Or go to Amazon Web Services and press the Pricing tab. Perform the following steps:

  1. Select Pricing:
    • AWS Pricing: Calculate My Cloud Savings
    • Currency: Euro
    • Environment: Compare against on-premises
    • AWS Region: EU (Ireland)
    • Server Type: db (This means database)
    • App Name: SQL
    • Number of VNs: 10
    • CPU Cores: 4
    • Memory: 64 GB
    • Hypervisor: VMWare
    • DB Engine ...

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