Review questions

  1. What is an industry standard framework?
  2. What is the OSI reference model, and how many layers does it have?
  3. What is the TCP/IP protocol, and where is it used?
  4. Which layer of the OSI reference model does a switch operate?
  5. Which layer of the OSI reference model does a router operate?
  6. What is a regulatory framework, and is it legally enforceable?
  7. What type of frameworks are ITIL and Cobol 5, and are they legally enforceable?
  8. What three policies are used in a BYOD environment, and what purpose does each of them serve?
  9. What would happen if I were in an internet café at an airport and did not connect to the company network using a VPN and the data was intercepted?
  10. The FBI were investigating John Smith; therefore, the IT team placed ...

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