Practical 2—drag and drop—certificates

Please place the answers against the description:

SAN—HSM—exchange keys—Wildcard—CSR—Bridge Trust Model—CRL—pinning—OCSP—PGP—Base64 format—Diffie-Hellman—P12—public CA—OID—key escrow—P7B—certificate template—.pfx—The faster it is but the less secure—.cer—CA—architect—stapling

Practical 2—drag and drop—certificates

Put the correct answer against each item

The CA used for b2b

Certificate used on multiple servers one domain

Private key file extension

Is my certificate valid

First part of encryption

Public key file format

Certificate used on servers in multiple domains

Who signs the X509 certificates

Create new keys

CRL is going slow, so we implement what? ...

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