Review questions

  1. What is the most common form of authentication that is most likely to be enter incorrectly?
  2. When I purchase a new wireless access point what should I do first?
  3. What is password history?
  4. How can I prevent someone from reusing the same password?
  5. Explain what format a complex password takes.
  6. How can I prevent a hacker from inserting a password multiple times?
  7. What type of factor authentication is a smart card?
  8. How many factors is it if I have a password, PIN, and date of birth?
  9. What is biometric authentication?
  10. What authentication method can be used by two third parties who participate in a joint venture?
  1. What is an XML-based authentication protocol?
  2. What is Shibboleth?
  3. What protocol is used to store and search for Active ...

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