AMD Opteron data cache, B-12 to B-14
ARM Cortex-A8, 115
cache optimization, 79–80
dynamic scheduling, 177
invalidate protocols, 357
memory hierarchy basics, 74
memory hierarchy basics, 77–78
virtual memory fast address translation, B-46
write strategy, B-10
Tag check (TC)
MIPS R4000, C-63
R4000 pipeline, B-62 to B-63
R4000 pipeline structure, C-63
write process, B-10
Tag fields
block identification, B-8
dynamic scheduling, 173, 175
Tail duplication, superblock scheduling, H-21
Tailgating, definition, G-20
Tandem Computers
cluster history, L-62, L-72
faults, D-14
overview, D-12 to D-13
Target address
branch hazards, C-21, C-42
branch penalty reduction, C-22 to C-23
branch-target buffer, 206
control flow instructions, ...

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