First, we would like to thank the many people who have patiently helped us write this book (not all of whom realized they were doing it at the time): Nate Miller, Geoff Silver, Felix Lindner, Tom Shevock, Tim Lunsford, Dan Farmer, Wietse Venema, Aaron Higbee, Bill Brad, Aaron Kramer, Curt Bryson, Wil Harris, Dave Dittrich, James Holley, Tim O’Neill, Fred Cohen, Lance Spitzner, Gene Spafford, Theresa Ho, Joe Ippolito, Abigail Abraham, and Robert Weaver.

Our technical reviewers were invaluable for their careful scrutiny and suggestions. They included: Joe Balsama, Steve Rago, Ed Skoudis, Steve Romig, David Rhoades, Vernon Schryver, Peter Gutmann, John Sinteur, Will Morse, John Sebes, Howard Harkness, Chris Kostick, Bruce Schneier, ...

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