314 Chapter 11 Problem Solving and Security Administration
Such simulation can alert administrators to impending problems so counteractive measures
can be taken.
Two measurements that are necessary in performance management are system effective-
ness and system availability. A system is effective if it provides good performance, is available
when needed, and is reliable when it is used.
Security Management
Security management concerns the ability to monitor and control access to network resources,
including generating, distributing, and storing encryption keys. Passwords and other authoriza-
tion or access- control information must be maintained and distributed. Security management
is involved with the collection, storage, and examination of audit records and security logs.
Security management subsystems work by partitioning network resources into authorized
and unauthorized areas. For some users, access to any network resources is inappropriate
because such users are usually company outsiders. For internal users, access to information
originating from a particular department, such as payroll, is inappropriate.
Security management subsystems perform several functions. They identify sensitive net-
work resources and determine mappings between sensitive network resources and user sets.
They also monitor access points to sensitive network resources and log inappropriate access
to sensitive network resources.
Many organizations today deal with network management standardization. The roles played
by these organizations range from setting the network management standards to promot-
ing acceptance of the standards. The organizations that play a role in network management
American National Standards Institute (ANSI).•
International Organization for Standardization (ISO).•
Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers 802 Committee (IEEE 802).•
Internet Activities Board (IAB).•
International Telecommunications Union Telecommunications Sector (ITU- T).•
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).•
Open Systems Foundation (OSF).•
The OSF was an organization founded in 1988 to create an open standard for an imple-
mentation of the UNIX operating system. These and other network management organizations
are described in Chapter 13.
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