106 Chapter 4 Computer and Digital Assets Security
Why is the theft of laptops a large issue?1.
How can students protect their computing assets?2.
Summarize the list of guidelines for password management.3.
List several actions that can be taken for the recovery of stolen items.4.
What are typical security precautions for business data centers?5.
What are the issues of water and physical security?6.
Identify the various categories of problems that can occur with business data centers.7.
Discuss the security issues of media access.8.
Identify four questions that may arise concerning network access.9.
How can management ensure that employees are not part of the security problem?10.
Provide an overview of current computer and network security products.1.
Research the subject of computer theft in educational institutions.2.
Develop a report concerning the theft of computing devices in the industry.3.
Research the issue of the cost of criminal activities relating to the Web.4.
Identify studies that show the costs of doing business over the Internet.5.
Search the Web for policies concerning Internet security.6.
Research and report on computer- use policies for educational facilities.7.
Provide an overview of the Kensington security device.8.
Attempt to find the hacker password file on the Web.9.
Search for the hacker logon database on the Web.10.
Research the Web for articles relating to physical data center security.11.
Identify the major database hardware and software security tools for physical sites.12.
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