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Computers are lazy: Fight back with the UI stack

Video Description

We make sense of state changes in the real world through motion. When a door opens, it swings. When something travels, you can see it move. When an object falls, you can see it bounce.But in the binary world, computers don't care about helping people understand what's new, what to do next, or how to react when something goes wrong. To computers, state changes are instantaneous.That means that product designers need to make special efforts to combat computer laziness. And to combat computer laziness, we need to take into account the UI Stack.In this webcast we'll talk about:How to incorporate the UI Stack5 states of a user interface & how a user moves through them — into your design processDive deeply into real world examples both good and badBy the end of this webcast you'll learn, ultimately, how to make user interfaces that are both more human and more understandable.