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Brian SchellComputing with the Raspberry Pihttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-5293-2_5

5. Using the Command-Line Tools

Brian Schell
Flint, MA, USA
Over the past two decades, we’ve all gotten used to using GUI apps and desktops, but before that, everything was done in text mode on terminal screens. If you remember the days of MS-DOS or UNIX, then you know the drill. It was all command line, all the time. And somehow, we still managed to get our work done.
The simple fact is that in many ways, sticking with only the command line is often much faster and more efficient. For example, to save a file in the GUI, you need to reach over to the mouse, move the mouse to the File menu, click the Save command, then move your hand back ...

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