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Conducting a Needs Analysis

Book Description

Discover the value of conducting a needs analysis in response to performance issues. This systematic, information-gathering process will help you evaluate current issues and reveal whether a well-targeted training program is needed. Learn how to pre-plan your needs analysis, how to investigate problems, how to evaluate data and training possibilities, and how to report your findings and recommendations.

Coverage includes—

  • To discuss reasons for a needs analysis and pre-planning

  • To explain investigation and data development

  • To show how to analyze data and evaluate training possibilities

  • To discuss the needs analysis report

  • Table of Contents

    1. Learning Objectives For:
    2. About the Author
    3. About the Series
    4. Introduction
      1. What is a Needs Analysis?
      2. Who Conducts a Needs Analysis and Why?
      3. What is a Learning Organization?
      4. Six Points to Remember
      5. Steps to a Needs Analysis
    5. Surveillance
      1. What is the Current Situation?
      2. Define the Needs and Identify Performance Gaps
      3. Organize a Task Force
      4. Organize the Data
      5. Develop Priorities
      6. Meet with Management
      7. Write Summary Memo
      8. Exercise
      9. Case Study: Step Surveillance
    6. Investigation
      1. Initiating the Investigation
      2. Identify the Data You Need
      3. Evaluate Key Data Sources
      4. Select Data Collection Methods
      5. Conducting Effective Interviews
      6. Working with Focus Groups
      7. Observing the Workflow
      8. Study Official Documents
      9. Obtain Management’s Approval to Proceed
      10. Determine Skills, Knowledge and Attitudes
      11. Define Content Areas
      12. Collect and Organize Data
      13. Case Study: Step Investigation
    7. Analysis
      1. What is Analysis?
      2. Decide Whether Training is Appropriate
      3. Types of Training Needs
      4. Three Types of Analysis
      5. Goal Analysis
      6. Organizational Analysis
      7. Job Analysis
      8. Present Findings
      9. Choose Trainers
      10. Clarify Training Objectives
      11. Design Training and Course Module
      12. Case Study: Step Analysis
    8. Report
      1. Reporting Your Findings
      2. Training Design Report
      3. Final Report
      4. Make Oral Presentation
      5. Case Study: Step Report
    9. Ongoing Issues in Needs Analysis
      1. Evaluating the Process after Implementation
      2. Overcoming Obstacles
      3. How to get Top Management Support
      4. Continuous Needs Analysis
      5. What to Do When there is No Time to Conduct a Needs Analysis
        1. References
      6. Resource List