Conducting Competitive Research and Analysis

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UX expert Jaime Levy has a proven formula for performing UX strategy based on four tenets. In this course (number two of her five part series), she explores the first of those tenets: Business strategy. Peppered with stories of triumph and hard knocks (e.g., an illuminating tale about a lunatic Hollywood producer), Levy describes what business strategy is before diving deep into her Competitive Analysis Matrix Tool - a methodology successful entrepreneurs employ to plan their digital futures. She shows you how to use the tool, how to source the information required by the tool, and how to take advantage of the insights provided by the tool. By the end you’ll have a definitive understanding of how to do competitive research and why it’s needed to survive and thrive in the digital marketplace.

  • Learn why early competitive research and analysis is critical to any digital product launch
  • Explore the Competitive Analysis Matrix Tool - a proven method for guiding digital strategy
  • See why knowing the quantity of items for sale on a competitor’s site gives you an edge
  • Discover no-cost methods for accurately gauging your competitor’s monthly traffic
  • Review the four steps to take when analyzing your competitive research
  • Learn about the competitive analysis findings brief - when to use it and why
  • Includes no-cost on-line access to Levy’s complete UX Strategy Toolkit

Jaime Levy is a UX strategist and designer with 25+ years of professional experience making things profitably interactive for clients like Cisco Systems, Honda, and Sony. She runs Los Angeles based UX strategy company JLR Interactive; teaches UX strategy and design at the University of Southern California; authored the O'Reilly title, "UX Strategy: How to Devise Innovative Digital Products that People Want"; and has a mighty interesting bio on Wikipedia.

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  • Title: Conducting Competitive Research and Analysis
  • Author(s): Jaime Levy
  • Release date: December 2016
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 9781491967201