Confidence with Adele Bradley

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In today's episode, Adam talks to confidence guru Adele Bradley.

Adele has been in the organisational development and people transformation world for a while, both for large companies and as a consultant. As a coach, Adele began to notice regular patterns with her clients. Specifically, low self-belief, low self-confidence, and low self-esteem.

She has taken her experience and developed a formula for confidence, and that’s what we discuss in today's session.

You're are in for a real treat with this episode. Adele speaks from the heart, and lays out a formula to help you achieve a more confident outlook on life.

Her book, Equation to Confidence is in the works, and provides a playbook to help you develop this crucial characteristic.

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  • Title: Confidence with Adele Bradley
  • Author(s): Assemble You Limited
  • Release date: June 2023
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