Chapter 4. Change Control

Chapter Overview

4.1 Why Is Change Control Important? 61

4.2 Where Do I Start? 61

4.3 The Seven Types of Change Control 61

4.4 Creating a Change Control Function 65

4.5 Examples of Change Control in Action 65

4.6 Don’t Forget the Risk 69

4.7 Driving the CM Process Through Change Control 69

4.8 Entry/Exit Criteria 70

4.9 After-Action Review 71

4.10 Make Sure That You Evaluate Yourself 71

Change control is the most central function in configuration management. It is also one of the most underutilized and often misunderstood functions. Large organizations always have a change control board to act as a gatekeeper to control changes to the production environment. This is obviously important, but there is a lot more to ...

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