Configuring Arista Network Switches

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Arista Network's networking products are the go-to solution in the hyper-engineered worlds of mega data centers, high-performance computing, and high-frequency trading. In this video, Arista Network veteran Chris Kane offers system administrators and entry level network engineers an overview of how Arista gear is used in today's cloud networks.

You'll learn about the Arista EOS, industry standard networking protocols, and the features Arista uses to implement and operate data center networks. You'll come away with solid IP networking knowledge along with a practical understanding of how to configure Arista network switches and integrate them into a network infrastructure.

  • Explore the Arista EOS, Arista versioning, and how to upgrade EOS on the Arista switch
  • Master operational necessities like configuring the Arista switch for email
  • Learn about port channels, access lists, prefix lists, VXLAN bridging, MLAG, VRRP, VARP, and LLDP
  • Understand OSPF and BGP routing, operational commands, configuration, and verification
  • Discover how administrative distance is used for best path routing
  • See how TAP aggregation is used to cost-effectively monitor network traffic
Chris Kane (ACE-A, CCIE) is a System Engineer at Arista Networks who has worked in IP networking for over 20 years. He started out as a radioman for the U.S. Navy, learned network engineering and went on to work for companies like Netech Corporation, Cardinal Health, and UUNET. He's familiar with the operations side of networking as well as the implementation and engineering side and is known for his ability to build and support Arista and Cisco based networks.

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Introduction And Course Overview 00:00:39
    2. About The Author 00:01:20
    3. Overview Of Arista 00:02:35
  2. Initial Arista Switch Configuration
    1. Powering Up The Arista Switch 00:03:34
    2. Overview Of The Arista EOS And Versioning 00:02:23
    3. Upgrading EOS On The Arista Switch 00:06:11
    4. Basic Switch Configuration For Management And Operations 00:11:41
  3. Operational Niceties
    1. The Watch And Watch Diff Commands 00:04:18
    2. The Arista Event Monitor 00:03:50
    3. Configuring The Arista Switch To Speak Jabber 00:12:06
    4. Configuring The Arista Switch To Send Emails 00:04:47
    5. Arista Scheduler And Show Tech-Support 00:04:15
  4. Tap Aggregation
    1. Overview Of Tap Aggregation 00:13:14
    2. Configuring Basic Tap Aggregation 00:06:47
    3. Configuring Traffic Steering In Tap Aggregation 00:11:14
  5. Spanning Tree
    1. Spanning Tree Overview 00:06:56
    2. Configuring And Verifying Spanning Tree 00:04:49
  6. Port Channels
    1. Overview Of Port Channels 00:08:50
    2. Configuring And Verifying Port Channels 00:08:18
  7. MLAG
    1. MLAG Overview 00:08:57
    2. Configuring And Verifying MLAG 00:12:13
  8. VRRP
    1. VRRP Overview 00:07:55
    2. VRRP Configuration And Verification 00:07:20
  9. VARP
    1. VARP Overview And Configuration 00:07:00
  10. OSPF Routing
    1. Configuring And Verifying OSPF 00:08:35
    2. Establishing And Verifying OSPF Neighbors 00:10:24
    3. Adding OSPF Authentication 00:06:34
    4. OSPF Operational Commands 00:08:48
    5. Playing With OSPF Nerd Knobs 00:07:29
  11. BGP Routing
    1. Configuring And Verifying BGP 00:07:36
    2. Establishing And Verifying BGP Neighbors 00:08:07
    3. BGP Route Announcement 00:05:21
    4. As Path Access-Lists 00:10:46
    5. BGP Peer Groups 00:07:42
    6. BGP Operational Commands 00:05:26
    7. Examples Of Some BGP Options 00:09:58
  12. Administrative Distance
    1. Overview Of Administrative Distance 00:04:45
    2. Configuring And Verifying Administrative Distance 00:07:58
  13. VXLAN Bridging
    1. Overview Of VXLAN Bridging 00:09:40
    2. Configuring And Verifying VXLAN Bridging 00:12:11
  14. Access-Lists And Prefix-Lists
    1. Access-List Introduction And Configuration 00:15:26
    2. Prefix-List Introduction And Configuration 00:08:12
  15. LLDP
    1. Overview Of LLDP 00:03:43
    2. Configuring And Verify LLDP 00:05:38
  16. Conclusion
    1. References And Resources For Further Study 00:01:52

Product information

  • Title: Configuring Arista Network Switches
  • Author(s): Chris Kane
  • Release date: June 2016
  • Publisher(s): Infinite Skills
  • ISBN: 9781491957578