Conquering Git: Advanced Training Guide

Video Description

Master versioning and manage your code with Git by controlling its workflow and using it for your projects.

About This Video

  • Delve into the advanced features of Git to enhance your mastery of it.
  • Explore branching, merging, rebasing, tagging, and also how to resolve conflicts and resolutions while using them in your projects.
  • Get acquainted with best practices in Git along with managing, recovering, and handling your data and troubleshooting

In Detail

Controlling your projects (small or large) is easier now, owing to the advanced functionalities that Git supplies. It performs fast, is easy to manage, and makes Source Control Management uncomplicated and effortless for you. It will help you implement that perfect workflow you have been looking for.

This course is designed to be a comprehensive approach to Git, which means no prior knowledge or experience is required but students will emerge at the end with a very solid understanding and hands-on experience with Git and related source control concepts. We'll then walk through all the foundational commands needed to start a new project managed by Git, right through to making commits and including common file operations such as moving and deleting files. With a strong foundation in place, we explore ways to make comparisons in Git, including all the different local states, between commits, and between local and remote repositories. After gaining a strong foundation in branching and merging, we will then cover more complex topics such as rebasing, where we cover how to resolve a rebase conflict.

Next, you'll delve into more intriguing features of Git such as rebase, stash, aliases, and patches. You will explore several examples of these commands to improve your efficiency in using Git. Finally, when you have mastered the various tools provided by Git, you'll be provided with some suggestions to help you to move forward with Git.

By the end of the course, you'll have a solid understanding of Git and version control so you can use them in your own projects; perhaps you will be the one providing answers to others in trouble!

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Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Git Stashing
    1. The Course Overview 00:06:56
    2. Stash and Pop 00:05:23
    3. Tracked/Indexed Files 00:02:16
    4. Multiple Stashes 00:02:37
    5. Stashing into a Branch 00:02:08
  2. Chapter 2 : Branching under the Hood
    1. Branching Basic 00:04:41
    2. HEAD and Other Names 00:04:14
    3. Branches on filesystem 00:04:19
    4. Git Branch Advanced Tricks – rename, track, contains 00:03:38
  3. Chapter 3 : Git Merging under the Hood
    1. Fast-Forward or 3-Way Merge 00:05:48
    2. Merge with Different Strategies 00:03:35
    3. Sign a Merge with GPG 00:04:25
  4. Chapter 4 : Visually Managing Your Repositories
    1. Using gitk to Show the Repository History 00:03:49
    2. Using Git Gui to Create a Commit 00:03:01
    3. Using Filemerge to Solve Conflicts 00:04:10
  5. Chapter 5 : diff and Conflicts
    1. Understand diff Format 00:05:15
    2. Understand the diff3 Format 00:04:06
    3. diff Working Copy Versus Stage Area 00:02:04
    4. diff – One Single File 00:02:33
  6. Chapter 6 : Rebase
    1. Differences between rebase and merge 00:03:40
    2. Rebase with Conflicts 00:03:29
    3. Rebase Interactive – reword and edit commits 00:05:33
    4. Rebase Interactive – squash and reorder commits 00:05:35
  7. Chapter 7 : Tagging
    1. Create Tags for Important Milestones 00:03:38
    2. Lightweight Versus Annotated Tags 00:04:27
    3. Git Tag Options 00:02:23
    4. Git Remote and Git Tag – Do's and Don'ts 00:04:55
  8. Chapter 8 : Git Sub-Projects
    1. Create and Update a Submodule 00:06:44
    2. Use a Repository with Submodule 00:05:49
    3. Git Subtree 00:05:30
  9. Chapter 9 : Git Hook
    1. Introduction to Git Hook 00:04:04
    2. Improve Commit Messages with prepare-commit-msg 00:06:48
    3. Format Your Code Before Push with pre-push 00:06:41
  10. Chapter 10 : git bisect
    1. Introduction to git bisect Command 00:05:20
    2. Use git bisect to Find a Bug 00:05:28
    3. Automatize git bisect 00:04:03
  11. Chapter 11 : Git Flow
    1. Git Flow – A Successful Git Branching Model 00:06:19
    2. Git Flow with Sourcetree 00:09:31
    3. Using Sourcetree 00:06:32
  12. Chapter 12 : Git Administration
    1. Repository Maintenance with Git Garbage Collection 00:11:03
    2. Git Data Recovery 00:08:08
    3. Git on Server 00:07:57
  13. Chapter 13 : Git Best Practices
    1. Improve Git with Aliases 00:07:24
    2. Tools and Services 00:08:36
    3. Deploy a Web App with Git 00:09:46

Product Information

  • Title: Conquering Git: Advanced Training Guide
  • Author(s): Ignazio Calò
  • Release date: January 2018
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781788833042