CHAPTER 13Leverage Your Personal Ecosystem

What's your #1 personal asset? Your skills? Your job? Your ambition? Your looks? Your mind? None of the above. Your greatest asset is your personal ecosystem. Who we know and how we connect to people in our personal ecosystems provide the strongest foundations and advantages in life and business.

To help you think big, you need to create a perpetual motion machine of ideas, energy, and relationships to achieve your goals. You can only do this with a high-functioning personal ecosystem. Our sharing economy, powered by technology, is connecting people all over the world. Those who have personal influence power to make things happen – the networkers and collaborators – are the ones who will get ahead.

As humans, we need to mirror our technology: To act fast, get connected, and think like a network. Today, what is valuable is our social currency, our earned influence. People with social currency establish trusted relationships that allow them to move faster and be more effective. How can you acquire more social currency? We suggest you leverage your personal ecosystem.

Mother Nature teaches us that everything in the physical world is connected and interdependent. A personal ecosystem is connected too, and comprises your personal brand, your positive relationships, and your networks. How these elements weave through your life creates your unique footprint.


Think of yourself, your reputation, as a brand, like Coca-Cola, Land's ...

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