Appendix A

Instructions to Bidders

  1. Contract Documents. The Notice to Bidders, the Instructions to Bidders, the General Conditions, the Supplementary Conditions, the Drawings and Specifications, the Contractor's Proposal Form, and the Agreement as finally negotiated compose the Contract Documents.

    Copies of these documents can be obtained from the office of Jones and Smith, Architect-Engineers, 142 Welsh St., Portland, Ohio, upon deposit of $100.00 for each set thereof, said deposit being refundable upon return of the documents in good order within 10 days after the bidding date.

  2. Printed Form for Proposal. All proposals must be made upon the Contractor's Proposal Form attached hereto and should give the amounts bid for the work, both in words and in figures, and must be signed and acknowledged by the Contractor. In order to ensure consideration, the Proposal should be enclosed in a sealed envelope marked “Proposal for Municipal Airport Terminal Building to be opened at 2:30 p.m. (EST), May 19, 20—,” showing the return address of the sender and addressed to John Doe, City Manager, Portland, Ohio.

    If the proposal is made by a partnership, it shall contain the names of each partner and shall be signed in the firm name, followed by the signature of the person authorized to sign. If the proposal is made by a corporation, it shall be signed by the name of the corporation, followed by the written signature of the officer signing, and the printed or typewritten designation of the office ...

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