Chapter 15Project Safety

15.1 Introduction

Construction contractors today are, for the most part, mindful in every way of their duty morally and legally, to provide for the safety and health of their employees. Because construction sites are fraught with hazards of all kinds, it is imperative for management and craft people alike, to be mindful of safety at all times. Safety consciousness, policies, practices, and mind-sets cannot be reinforced too often, nor too emphatically.

Virtually all construction companies are required to comply with laws regarding safety in the workplace, and all companies have adopted safety policies, and training, and behavior-based programs. It is not the intent of this chapter to provide a comprehensive summary of all aspects of safety requirements and policies and procedures for all construction contracting companies. Rather, some of the key features of the laws regarding safety will be recounted here. Additionally, some of the important aspects of safety policies and procedures for construction companies, and some of the key elements of safety planning and safety practice important in the management of construction projects will be addressed here.

15.2 The Cost of Construction Accidents

Construction, by its very nature, is permeated with hazards and risk of all kinds, and the construction industry has historically experienced very high rates of deaths and disabling injuries. Tragically, still today, a number of construction workers are injured ...

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