Containerization the Kubernetes Way

Video Description

Develop, run, and deploy your containerized applications using Kubernetes

About This Video

  • Dive into the Kubernetes architecture, components and services to build a production-class container infrastructure
  • Use Kubernetes as a platform to deploy, scale, and run containers efficiently.
  • Develop and run your applications using containers within a Kubernetes environment.

In Detail

Containers are here to stay and we need a way to manage them. Kubernetes is the most important container-centric management technology in the world. This course will teach you the Kubernetes way of containerizing your applications in production.

You'll learn how to deploy Kubernetes on several cloud platforms. Further, you'll learn to package your code to run in Kubernetes. You'll dive into the Kubernetes architecture and components and explore how they come together to build a production-class container infrastructure. Later you will learn to work with pods, deployments, and services.

By the end of this course, you’d have gained the required skills to deploy a Kubernetes cluster and a simple application in a development ecosystem.

All codes and supporting files are placed on GitHub at this link

All codes and supporting files are placed on GitHub at this link

Product Information

  • Title: Containerization the Kubernetes Way
  • Author(s): Braithe E.S. Warnock
  • Release date: November 2018
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781789131147