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Content is Cash: Leveraging Great Content and the Web for Increased Traffic, Sales, Leads and Buzz

Book Description

You have great web content: now transform it into cash and traffic - and propel your business forward!

  • Proven solutions and facts, not theory from one of the world's most respected Fortune® 500 eMarketers!

  • Easy, "why didn't I think of that" advice you can implement today, even if you have no marketing experience

  • Low cost web content marketing strategies that won't break the bank, no matter what business you're in

Plenty of books will show you how to create great content. This is the first book that shows you how to systematically monetize the great content you've already paid to create. You won't find abstract theory here: you'll find a specific, easy-to-use eMarketing approach that's worked for everyone from startups to Fortune® 500 companies. Using Wendy Montes de Oca's exclusive SONAR Content Distribution Model, you can integrate various web marketing tactics (SEO, SEM, social marketing, online press releases, guerilla marketing, article marketing) in a systematic and synchronized approach that drives maximum traffic, visibility, sales, leads, and buzz. You'll learn how to repurpose and disseminate content through syndicate partners; content syndication networks; user generated content sites; article directories; relevant posts to blogs, forums, and bulletin boards; and social media. Step by step, De Oca shows how to execute expert eMarketing campaigns that deliver powerful business results - no matter how low your budget is, or how little eMarketing experience you have.