Chapter 9

Using Twitter and Creative Ideas for Short-Form Content Marketing

In This Chapter

arrow Microblogging with Twitter

arrow Uploading images and photos

arrow Using widgets

arrow Creating animated gifs and infographics

The Internet provides a wide variety of tools and opportunities for effective content marketing. The key to success is being brave enough to try new things, tweak, and try again. You also need to be creative and continually look for new ways to publish, share, and promote your amazing content.

This chapter shows you why and how to use Twitter for content marketing. Believe it or not, you can create original content that successfully markets your business in the 140-characters or fewer that Twitter allows. You also find out how to use more creative ways to build your brand and business with content, including images, social bookmarking, infographics, buttons, and animated gifs. You’re only limited by your creativity when it comes to content marketing.

Microblogging with Twitter

Microblogging is a term used to define short-form blogging. Most microblogging tools offer features that are ...

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