Chapter 10

Writing in Short Form for the Web

In This Chapter

arrow Comparing short-form writing to long-form writing

arrow Finding your voice

arrow Formatting tips

arrow Adding value and getting shared with fewer words

arrow Following short-form Web writing etiquette

Creating short-form content that effectively adds value to your audience’s lives is challenging. For many people, it’s difficult to write succinctly because it’s common to add a lot of extraneous words and details to their thoughts. To be successful with short-form content marketing, you need to remove those filler words and communicate succinctly.

This chapter shows you how short-form content writing differs from the long-form content writing discussed in Chapter 6. You also find out how to find your voice and format your short-form content for maximum success. And of course, you discover how to say a lot in as few words as possible without breaking the unwritten rules of short-form content etiquette.

Comparing and Contrasting Short-Form to Long-Form ...

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