Continuous Integration (CI) With Jenkins - Maven Builds

Video description

This course introduces the concepts, techniques, and configuration necessary to perform a Maven build within a Jenkins automation server. First, you'll install and configure the Maven integration plugin to build and customize a Maven project within Jenkins. Then watch how Maven standardizes builds using its highly effective methods for compiling, documenting, and testing code.

You will see how effortlessly it handles dependencies, learn how dependencies can trigger builds, and explore Maven's support for multi-module projects.

  • Explore the basic concepts surrounding Maven and how it integrates with Jenkins
  • Discover how to install and configure the Maven Integration plugin
  • Understand the unique and helpful ways Maven handles dependencies
  • Gain experience building and customizing a Maven project within Jenkins
  • Learn about POM files as well as the project and configuration details they contain
  • See how Maven integration triggers cascading builds and supports multi-module projects
Kevin Bowersox leads development teams that build Java web applications for the federal government. As a Java expert, Kevin shares his 17 years of experience to help coders understand and enjoy the benefits of automating software development practices. He holds a BA in Information Sciences and Technology from Penn State; and is the author of multiple O'Reilly titles on topics such as Spring Framework, Hibernate, Apache Maven, and Jenkins.

Product information

  • Title: Continuous Integration (CI) With Jenkins - Maven Builds
  • Author(s): Kevin Bowersox
  • Release date: May 2017
  • Publisher(s): Infinite Skills
  • ISBN: 9781491986516