In the past two decades, unintentional electromagnetic radiation from modem electronic systems has become increasingly difficult to control. Digital electronic systems are the primary sources of the problem, and their presence is rapidly becoming an omnipresence. And, a growing recognition of the problem of unintentional electromagnetic radiation has resulted in increasingly strict regulations to control it. However, effective control requires extensive understanding, and digital engineers are seldom extensively schooled in electromagnetic radiation. Furthermore, existing texts and references are directed, for the most part, toward increasing and enhancing electromagnetic radiation, rather than reducing it. Therefore, those texts and references do not provide direct access to the understanding of the problem that is needed by digital designers and other engineers. It is the purpose of this book to fill that need—to provide direct access to basic concepts that must be understood to control unintentional electromagnetic radiation effectively.

The book is organized as follows. Chapter 1 is a brief, general introduction to the primary causes of electromagnetic radiation and to other topics discussed in the remainder of the book. Chapter 2 is a basic examination of intentional electromagnetic radiators, which is included as background for better understanding unintentional radiation. Chapter 3 is a basic examination of the electromagnetic radiation of electrical circuits and ...

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