Converge: Transforming Business at the Intersection of Marketing and Technology

Book description

The leaders of Razorfish share their strategies for merging marketing and IT

To create rich, technologically enabled experiences, enterprises need close collaboration between marketing and IT. Converge explains how the merging of technology, media, and creativity is revolutionizing marketing and business strategy. The CEO and CTO of Razorfish, one of the world's largest digital marketing agencies, give their unique perspective on how to thrive in this age of disruption. Converge shares their first-hand experience working closely with global brands—including AXE, Intel, Samsung, and Kellogg—to solve business problems at the collision point between media, technology, and marketing.

With in-depth looks at cloud computing, data- and API-enabled creativity, ubiquitous computing, and more, Converge presents a roadmap to success.

  • Explains how to organize for innovation within your own organization by applying the principles of agile development across your business

  • Details how to create a religion around convergence, explaining how to tell the story throughout the organization

  • Outlines how to adapt processes to keep up with and take advantage of rapid technological change

A book by practitioners for practitioners, Converge is about rethinking business organizations for a new age and empowering your people to thrive in a brand, new world.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Contents
  3. Title
  4. Copyright
  5. Foreword
  6. Introduction
  7. Part I: Converge = Marketing + Technology
    1. Chapter 1: The Collision of Media, Technology, and Creativity
      1. Media
      2. Technology
      3. Creativity
      4. Building the Renaissance Organization
      5. The Five Principles of Convergence
      6. Convergence Catalysts
    2. Chapter 2: Next-Generation Storytelling
      1. The Death of the Mad Man and the Birth of the Creative Technologist
      2. The Democratization of Creativity
      3. Collaboration: Chief Creative Becomes Chief Curator
      4. Brands as Services
      5. Convergence Catalysts
    3. Chapter 3: Data-Driven Experiences
      1. How Obama Used Data to Keep the White House
      2. The Road to Marketing Utopia Is Lined with Columns and Rows
      3. How Targeting Is Failing Consumers
      4. Executives Fail to Prioritize Targeting
      5. The Road to Better Targeting
      6. Convergence Catalysts
    4. Chapter 4: The Cloud
      1. Grasping the Cloud
      2. From EC2 to the Royal Wedding
      3. Fast, Cheap, and in Control
      4. A Tsunami of Data
      5. Clouding the Cloud Issue
      6. Convergence Catalysts
    5. Chapter 5: Marketing Is Commerce, Commerce Is Marketing
      1. The Store Is Dead, Long Live the Store
      2. Retail’s Challenges
      3. Toward a Single View of the Customer
      4. Roads to Innovation
      5. The Moosejaw Model
      6. Convergence Catalysts
    6. Chapter 6: Media
      1. How the Fickle Consumer Uses Media
      2. The Upfronts
      3. Just Because It’s Digital Doesn’t Mean It’s Fast
      4. Imagining Brands as Publishers
      5. Convergence Catalysts
    7. Chapter 7: Ubiquitous Computing
      1. What Is Ubiquitous Computing?
      2. The Home, Connected
      3. The Self, Quantified
      4. How Business Can Respond
      5. Convergence Catalysts
  8. Part II: The Road Map
    1. Chapter 8: Creating a Religion around Convergence
      1. The Convergence Mantra
      2. Find Your Visionary
      3. Turn Outward and Workshop, Workshop, Workshop
      4. Build a Big Boat
      5. Write Your Road Map
      6. When Telling Your Story, Think Right Brain and Left Brain
    2. Chapter 9: How to Change Your Organizational Structure
      1. The Rise of the Chief Digital Officer
      2. Bottom-Up Solutions
      3. Create Cross-Functional Project Teams
      4. Create New Roles within Both the Marketing and IT Functions
      5. Employ Internal Account or Relationship Management
      6. Establish a Collaborative Culture
    3. Chapter 10: How to Change Your Processes
      1. 1. Change Measurement and Establish Objectives
      2. 2. Change Planning
      3. 3. Change Budgeting
      4. 4. Think Like a Software Company
      5. 5. Change Incentives/Compensation
    4. Chapter 11: Achieving Convergence through Agile Methodology
      1. Individuals and Interactions over Processes and Tools
      2. Working Software over Comprehensive Documentation
      3. Customer Collaboration over Contract Negotiation
      4. Responding to Change over Following a Plan
      5. How We Use Agile
      6. Another Benefit of Agile Lies in How It Facilitates Communication
      7. How to Get Started
      8. Convergence Catalysts
  9. Final Thoughts
  10. Glossary
  11. Acknowledgments
  12. Index

Product information

  • Title: Converge: Transforming Business at the Intersection of Marketing and Technology
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: April 2013
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781118575529