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Conversations that Get Results and Inspire Collaboration: Engage Your Team, Your Peers, and Your Manager to Take Action

Book Description

Achieve All Your Business Goals Using the Art of Conversation

“This book will increase your influence and success rate by the end of the first chapter.”
—Alan Weiss, PhD, author of Million Dollar Consulting and Getting Started in Consulting

What is the key to business success? COLLABORATION.

Executive coach and professional development expert Shawn Kent Hayashi provides everything you need to inspire, take part in, and manage the kinds of conversations that are the hallmark of true teamwork.

In Conversations That Get Results and Inspire Collaboration, Hayashi answers the questions she is most frequently asked during coaching and training sessions:

  • What can I do to engage people collaboratively?
  • How can I ensure I have a positive impact?
  • How do I get my point across so that others hear me?
  • How do I address the needs of my coworkers so we can move projects forward?
  • What can I do to get conversations back on track when they threaten to veer out of control?

Featuring case studies illustrating best practices for engaging managers, peers, and employees to build momentum toward success, Conversations That Get Results and Inspire Collaboration gives you the tools to create the right conversation at the right time to achieve any business goal.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Conversations That Get Results and Inspire Collaboration: Engage Your Team, Your Peers, and Your Manager to Take Action
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. Contents
  7. Preface
    1. Chapter 1: Knowing What You Want to Create
      1. Engage Your Team, Your Peers, and Your Manager to Take Action
      2. Knowing What You Want to Create Application Exercise
    2. Chapter 2: People Reading: Preferred Communication Styles
      1. Preferred Communication Styles
      2. Dominant Style Communication Patterns
      3. Influence Style Communication Patterns
      4. Steady Style Communication Patterns
      5. Compliant-to-Standards Style Communication Patterns
      6. What Is the Right Style?
      7. Tamara’s Story
      8. What to Do with Discussion Styles
      9. How People Learn Based on Communication Styles
      10. Predictable Patterns That Sabotage Effective Collaboration
      11. How You Can Benefit from Feedback
      12. Sophia’s 360 Survey
      13. Bob’s 360 Survey
      14. People Reading: Preferred Communication Styles Application Exercise
    3. Chapter 3: People Reading: Motivators
      1. Theoretical
      2. Utilitarian
      3. Social
      4. Aesthetic
      5. Traditional
      6. Individualistic
      7. Your Motivators and Your Organization’s Motivators—Do You Have Alignment?
      8. People Reading: Motivators Application Exercise
    4. Chapter 4: People Reading: Emotional Intelligence
      1. Self-Awareness
      2. Self-Regulation
      3. Motivation
      4. Empathy
      5. Social Skills
      6. People Reading: Emotional Intelligence Application Exercise
    5. Chapter 5: Tying Together People Reading
      1. Anya’s Story
      2. Jacqueline and Ben’s Story
      3. In Action: Teresa Bryce Bazemore
      4. Tying People Reading Together Application Exercises
    1. Chapter 6: Deep Listening
      1. What We Hear and What We Don’t Hear: Learning to Listen
      2. When Listening Is the Solution
      3. Listening to Yourself
      4. Are You Committed to Being a Great Listener?
      5. Your Beliefs Affect Your Listening
      6. Listening to Another Person
      7. Listening to a Team
      8. Stuart’s Story
      9. The Team Member, Peer, or Boss Who Never Listens!
      10. When Others Are Trying to Get You to Listen
      11. In Action: Adam Berman
      12. Listening Application Exercise
    2. Chapter 7: Relationship and Group Dynamics That Affect Collaboration
      1. Partnership and Enmeshment
      2. Decision-Making Power and Control
      3. Teresa’s Group Decision-Making Story
      4. Overfunctioning and Underfunctioning
      5. Changing Patterns
      6. Levels of Maturity
      7. Emergent Leader Roles
      8. Stages of Team Development
      9. Kristy Tan Neckowicz’s Story: Schedule Chicken
      10. Group Dynamics Application Exercise
    3. Chapter 8: Storytelling
      1. Spot the Plot
      2. Jenny’s Story
      3. Collin’s Story
      4. Paul’s Story
      5. Storytelling Application Exercise
    4. Chapter 9: When Conflict Stops Progress: Creating More Effective Conversations That Lead to Resolution
      1. What Causes Conflicts?
      2. Continuing Tamara’s Story
      3. Blending Your Style
      4. Continuing Jacqueline’s Story
      5. Conflict Management Is a Business Issue
      6. Maximizing Learning Across Networks
      7. Conversations for Breakdown: Acknowledging That It’s Not Going the Way We Wanted
      8. Conversations for Conflict Resolution
      9. Common Mistakes in Resolving Conflict
      10. Conversations to Withdraw and Disengage: When It’s Just Not Working
      11. In Action: Jane Dolente
      12. Conflict Resolution Application Exercise
    5. Chapter 10: Relationship Building
      1. Building Your Collaboration and Networking Map
      2. Jose’s Story
      3. Creating Your Map
      4. In Action: Karen Schannen
      5. Whom Do You Want to Know?
      6. Create Your Own Mastermind Team
      7. Building Relationships Application Exercise
    6. Chapter 11: Having the Necessary Conversations and Getting the Collaboration You Want to Make Positive Changes: Tying It All Together
      1. Final Application Exercise
  10. Appendix: The Twelve Conversations and How to Use Them to Collaborate Book Discussion Guide
  11. Index
  12. About the Author