54 Converting to DFSMSrmm from TLMS
We do not want to dictate how long it should take to execute a conversion plan.
We have experience with schedules that are much shorter and much longer than
indicated in the above schedule, but the sample schedule is realistic and allows
sufficient time for learning a new product and gaining experience with its use.
Use the schedule as a model for your own schedule and as input to your existing
change management and activity schedules.
Once you have customized the checklist in Appendix A, “Conversion checklist”
on page 607, and have prepared a schedule, you are ready to proceed with the
conversion process. Establish checkpoints along the way and review progress
with the implementation team and your management.
2.3.2 Learning about DFSMSrmm
Before converting data to DFSMSrmm you must have some knowledge of the
DFSMSrmm product. Chapter 1, “Introduction” on page 1 provides a quick
introduction to DFSMSrmm. You can also gather more information by reading
the redbook DFSMSrmm Primer, SG24-5983.
You can use the DFSMSrmm product itself to help you learn about DFSMSrmm.
Use the information in Chapter 3., “Preparing the environment” on page 59 to get
DFSMSrmm started in a test environment, and then use the DFSMSrmm
commands and ISPF dialog to gain experience. Ensure that the volumes you use
are not the volumes that AutoMedia or ASG-ZARA requires or manages.
All system users and support people (for example, administrators, librarians,
system programmers, and operators) who have any tape management
responsibilities or use tape volumes require some education and knowledge
about DFSMSrmm. Use the DFSMSrmm knowledge and experience that you
gain to demonstrate the product to your users and colleague
s. All other users
should not see any changes in the way their tape data sets are managed before
or after the conversion. This means that no JCL changes are required.
2.3.3 Starting DFSMSrmm
At this stage you execute the steps necessary to get the DFSMSrmm product
installed and started on one of your systems. This stage includes basic product
setup and verifying that DFSMSrmm is installed correctly. See Chapter 3,
“Preparing the environment” on page 59 for a detailed explanation of this stage.

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