200 Converting to DFSMSrmm from TLMS
5.5.4 Empty rack and bin information
Table 5-9 shows empty rack and bin information.
Table 5-9 EDGCEREC empty rack and bin information
Volume serial number Cond
Delay days Req
Total count of number of cycles or days
VRS name Cond
Store keep number
VRS owner Req
Automatic delete date
VRS description
Location name
Name of NEXT VRS definition Cond
Job name Cond
Next VRS options
Expiry date ignore
Scratch immediate
Job name
Data that can be found in TLMS is marked with a .
Data that DFSMSrmm requires is marked with Req.
Data that DFSMSrmm requires only when the environment exists is marked with Cond.
TLMS Status
TLMS Status
Shelf status
Shelf is rack in library
Shelf is bin in storage location
Empty shelf locations name Req
First of empty shelves start Req
Count of contiguous shelves
Media name

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