Chapter 6. Data extraction 221
DFSORT you can tailor the DFSMSrmm reports to make them similar to the
AutoMedia/ASG-ZARA reports. Chapter 12, “Reporting on your DFSMSrmm
environment” on page 517, provides some useful examples of how to create
the reports.
Exits installed
Collect information about AutoMedia/ASG-ZARA exits installed in your
environment, so that you can ensure that you can achieve the same function
in an DFSMSrmm environment. For example, you must check the OAM exits,
CBRUXENT and CBRUXEJC, if you have an SMS-managed IBM ATL
PARMLIB options used
You must review AutoMedia/ASG-ZARA PARMLIB options before you start
DFSMSrmm, because you may have to modify the DFSMSrmm options
according to the AutoMedia/ASG-ZARA environment.
Interfaces with other products
You want to collect information about the interfaces that
AutoMedia/ASG-ZARA might have with other products (such as CICS®,
Housekeeping (batch inventory update) process
Collect information on the daily inventory management process, so that you
can synchronize it with the DFSMSrmm housekeeping function.
6.2.2 Analyzing the record layouts
Now you analyze the information you have collected to achieve the equivalent or
acceptable alternative function in DFSMSrmm environment.
DFSMSrmm requires certain data to be available to build its CDS. You must
analyze AutoMedia/ASG-ZARA databases and reports to know which types of
data are available. There is not a one-to-one correspondence between
DFSMSrmm and AutoMedia/ASG-ZARA data. DFSMSrmm may have data that
AutoMedia/ASG-ZARA does not have, and vice versa. If DFSMSrmm requires
data that AutoMedia/ASG-ZARA does not provide, use the extract programs or
the EDGCNVT SYSIN file statements to provide a value.
After analyzing the data, you must determine which types of data you want to
have in the DFSMSrmm CDS, in order to be consistent with the current operating
environment. Knowing the types of data needed helps determine whether you
can use AutoMedia/ASG-ZARA databases or reports as the sole input to the
extract program. Refer to 6.6, “AutoMedia/ASG-ZARA data extraction” on
page 248 for a functional overview of the extract program.
222 Converting to DFSMSrmm from ASG-ZARA or AutoMedia
In addition, you must review the current policies regarding retention
management, storage location management, and tape pool management.
DFSMSrmm manages these processes differently from AutoMedia/ASG-ZARA.
Volume ownership
DFSMSrmm requires that all private volumes have an owner. DFSMSrmm uses
the RACF user ID of the batch job creating the first file. In AutoMedia/ASG-ZARA
you have OWNER information too, and we will use this AutoMedia/ASG-ZARA
ownership concept. If no owner information is available we will use the HLQ of
the first data set name as the volume owner. During conversion you must decide
how to provide ownership information, so you can change the REXX code, or use
the EDGCNVT SYSIN file statements to change this concept. As tapes are
recycled and reused, DFSMSrmm will record the new owner.
Rack numbers
With DFSMSrmm each physical volume can have a rack number. DFSMSrmm
uses the rack number to identify the volume to the operator and the library
location where the volume is stored. As AutoMedia/ASG-ZARA does not have
this concept, during conversion you must decide how to provide rack number
information. We recommend that you use the same value as the VOLSER,
unless you have any better information on which to base this value. For example,
you may have an installation convention, or keep a file of information that relates
an external label VOLSER to an internal label VOLSER.
Keyword date retention
Any data sets or volumes that are retained and managed using special keyword
dates, which you want to continue to manage in this way, must be converted to
DFSMSrmm VRS management values. You can set the VRS management value
in the records that the extract program produces.
Note: This conversion refers to AutoMedia Release 1.3 and ZARA Release
1.4. If you have a prior version of AutoMedia/ASG-ZARA, please ask IBM for
future support.

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