230 Converting to DFSMSrmm from ASG-ZARA or AutoMedia
6.2.6 Inventory management and reports
Except for batch update and reporting, DFSMSrmm provides batch functions
with the EDGHSKP, EDGBKUP, and EDGUTIL utilities. EDGHSKP must be
executed with the DFSMSrmm subsystem active. EDGBKUP and EDGUTIL can
be executed independently of the subsystem.
The utilities have the following functions:
Processes vital records
Performs storage location management
Performs expiration processing
Creates an extract data set
Backs up the DFSMSrmm CDS
Backs up and clears the DFSMSrmm journal
Backs up the DFSMSrmm CDS
Backs up the DFSMSrmm journal
Recovers and restores the DFSMSrmm CDS
Reorganizes the DFSMSrmm CDS
Verifies the DFSMSrmm CDS
Mending the DFSMSrmm CDS
Synchronize DFSMSrmm CDS to the user catalogs
Performs consistency checking between the CDS, the TCDB, and the
library manager database in a system-managed tape library
DFSMSrmm does not provide any batch update utility. However, to minimize the
need of the second expiration processing, you can execute the DFSMSrmm TSO
commands ADD, CHANGE, and DELETE in batch to achieve the same result.
The ISPF dialog has the option to generate and group together TSO commands
for later batch processing. For more details about the DFSMSrmm utilities, the
ISPF dialog and the TSO commands, refer to DFSMSrmm Implementation and
Customization Guide, SC26-7405.
DFSMSrmm provides EDGRPTD, and EDGAUD reporting programs, and
EDGRRPTE reporting REXX. You can execute the DFSMSrmm TSO
commands, LIST and SEARCH, in batch to produce a wide variety of reports.
You can also use DFSORT's ICETOOL to write your own customized reports.
You also have the option of using the DFSMSrmm report generator to produce
required reports.

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