Key symbols and variables used throughout Chapter 1

Symbol Connotation
images average SNR
C capacity
d diversity gain
F fading gain
g instantaneous channel gain
images average channel gain
L pathloss gain
M number of nodes
n pathloss coefficient
N noise power
nr number of receive antennas
nt number of transmit antennas
P power
Pe error probability
r rate gain, multiplexing gain
R rate
S shadowing gain
S signal power
S symbol power
x distance

Key symbols and variables used throughout Chapter 2

Symbol Connotation
α LOS/NLOS weighting factor in pathloss equation
α azimuth angle of wave departure/arrival
β elevation angle of wave departure/arrival
γ angle of movement
images average SNR
Δϕ angular shift
Δd spatial shift/displacement
Δf spectral shift
Δh clutter undulation
Δt temporal shift
η fractional/relative power
η intrinsic impedance
θ azimuth antenna array orientation
κ concentration of von Mises/Tikhonov distribution
λ wavelength
μ mean of von Mises/Tikhonov distribution
μ permeability
ξthr threshold value
ω angular frequency
Ω channeled power
σdB shadow standard deviation ...

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