9.5.1. Message Digests

A message digest is a digital fingerprint of a block of data. For example, the so-called SHA-1 (Secure Hash Algorithm #1) condenses any data block, no matter how long, into a sequence of 160 bits (20 bytes). As with real fingerprints, one hopes that no two messages have the same SHA-1 fingerprint. Of course, that cannot be true—there are only 2160 SHA-1 fingerprints, so there must be some messages with the same fingerprint. But 2160 is so large that the probability of duplication occurring is negligible. How negligible? According to James Walsh in True Odds: How Risks Affect Your Everyday Life (Merritt Publishing, 1996), the chance that you will die from being struck by lightning is about one in 30,000. Now, think of nine ...

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