12.3. Including Applets for the Java Plug-In

With JSP, you don't need any special syntax to include ordinary applets: just use the normal HTML APPLET tag. However, these applets must use JDK 1.1 or JDK 1.02 since neither Netscape 4.x nor Internet Explorer 5.x support the Java 2 platform (i.e., JDK 1.2). This lack of support imposes several restrictions on applets:

  • In order to use Swing, you must send the Swing files over the network. This process is time consuming and fails in Internet Explorer 3 and Netscape 3.x and 4.01-4.05 (which only support JDK 1.02), since Swing depends on JDK 1.1.

  • You cannot use Java 2D.

  • You cannot use the Java 2 collections package.

  • Your code runs more slowly, since most compilers for the Java 2 platform are significantly ...

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