13.3. Setting Bean Properties

You normally use jsp:setProperty to set bean properties. The simplest form of this action takes three attributes: name (which should match the id given by jsp:useBean), property (the name of the property to change), and value (the new value).

For example, the SaleEntry class shown in Listing 13.3 has an itemID property (a String), a numItems property (an int), a discountCode property (a double), and two read-only properties itemCost and totalCost (each of type double). Listing 13.4 shows a JSP file that builds an instance of the SaleEntry class by means of:

<jsp:useBean id="entry" class="coreservlets.SaleEntry" />

The results are shown in Figure 13-2.

Figure 13-2. Result of SaleEntry1.jsp.

Once the bean is instantiated, ...

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