3.6. Embedding Other Objects in Documents

Although there are a few text-only browsers, almost all browsers support embedded image files. But images are not the only kind of objects that can be placed in Web pages. Java applets are also supported by most major browsers. Other audio, video, VRML, and ActiveX objects typically either depend on the user having a specific plug-in or are browser specific.

Embedded Applets

HTML Element: <APPLET CODE="..." WIDTH=xxx HEIGHT=xxx ...> ... </APPLET>
Attributes: CODE, WIDTH (required), HEIGHT (required), CODEBASE, ALT, ALIGN, HSPACE, VSPACE, NAME, OBJECT, ARCHIVE (nonstandard), MAYSCRIPT (nonstandard)

The APPLET tag enables you to embed an applet into a page and is discussed in detail in Chapter 9 (Applets ...

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