4.2. Specifying Frame Layout

The FRAMESET element defines the number and size of frame cells in a page.

HTML Element: <FRAMESET ...> ... </FRAMESET>
Attributes: ROWS, COLS, FRAMEBORDER(nonstandard), BORDER (nonstandard), FRAMESPACING(nonstandard), BORDERCOLOR (nonstandard), ONFOCUS(nonstandard), ONBLUR (nonstandard), ONLOAD, ONUNLOAD

FRAMESET divides the current window or frame cell into rows or columns. Entries can be nested, so you can divide the window into complex rectangular regions. ROWS and COLS are basic to frames. FRAMEBORDER, BORDER, BORDERCOLOR, ONFOCUS, and ONBLUR are nonstandard attributes supported by both Netscape and Internet Explorer in versions 4.0 and later. FRAMESPACING is also a nonstandard attribute, supported only by Internet ...

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