Chapter 1

Introducing Corporate Finance

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding the meaning of money

arrow Looking at the study of corporate finance

arrow Seeing the role corporate finance plays in your life

arrow Making corporate finance work for you

Corporate finance is more than just a measure of money. As we’ll see in this chapter, money is incidental to finance. When we’re discussing corporate finance we’re actually looking at the entire world in a brand new way — a way that measures the entire universe and the things within it in a way that makes it useful to us. We can calculate things in terms of corporate finance that simply can’t be accurately measured in any other way. Throughout this chapter we’re going to talk about exactly what the nature of money is and how it applies to corporate finance.

The rest of this book is broken into several different sections; the chapters are grouped together by common themes. First, naturally, is some preliminary information that everyone must be familiar with before continuing on to the rest of the book, such as the types of organizations involved in corporate finance, ...

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